Saturday, May 10, 2008

Making Music and Memories

Mason, Benjamin and Claire had their Spring Band Concert this week. They were amazing -- truly! These kids had never touched an instrument before school started, but the band director has such a gift...she had 90 fifth graders playing songs so well most of the parents were in tears (yes, that includes me!). It was wonderful -- Benjamin of course, wants to know why he can't substitute Band for Math class. He says he really just likes it so much more than math!

Benjamin plays percussion -- the triangle, the wood block, the cymbals. These are his percussion friends who make sure he has the right instrument out for each song! They have been so dear to him!! (Just more reasons to make the Mommy cry!)

Claire plays the Alto Saxophone and is just the cutest thing with her instrument! This is her best friend who plays the Tenor Sax. (Aren't they just adorable?!)

Mason plays the Baritone Tuba and has such tenacity in carrying that instrument around! He is really amazing playing and I was thrilled to be positioned close enough to him to actually get pictures of him playing!

Later in the week, Claire had her Choral Concert. She sings with the 5th Grade band but also with the Treble Choir -- or Girls' Choir. She loves to sing and was bouncing off the risers in between each song...but as you can see here, it was pure concentration during the performance!

The Treble Choir performed some really cute pieces! Our girl got to show off her drama in this one!

The baby girl was left out of the festivities...they didn't start until almost her bedtime and that coupled with her active 2-year-oldness did not sound like a good combination. So, her dear Uncle Lenny kept her and they had a ton of fun together. She did, however, get to go to the park yesterday and so I'll share her swinging picture so as not to leave her out!

I know that next year, this little one won't want to miss the blessing that is her big kids' playing their music! What a gift!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Fun! Kayla plays (played) alto saxophone in the band and was quite good. I am not surprised to see your trio happily engrossed in the world of music and drama. Cate will be there all too soon!