Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter greetings

I love Easter! And though my family would probably say it is because jelly beans are my favorite food (and they are, by the way), that isn't the reason (or at least it isn't the only reason)! I love that all things are made new during this time of year -- that spring is blooming all around, that everyone is aching to be outside appreciating the gifts of the season, and that it is a reminder of the sacrifice Jesus gave in order to make the same thing happen with us -- his death on the cross and subsequent resurrection on Easter morning ensure that we too can become like new simply by accepting the gift of his salvation! What a wonderful picture of that gift Spring is -- all the dead plants, trees, flowers becoming new again, blooming with life, blossoming right before our eyes. What a gift, what a blessing, what...GRACE! May you experience the joys of this miraculous season, my friends!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Lovely post, dear friend! My goodness who are those cute children all gussied up? Benjamin, Mason, Clair and Cate all clean up good - they are so beautiful and handsome! Tell them Aunt Debi sends her love to them, and also to you and Wade. xo - Debi