Monday, February 4, 2008


Swimming is the best thing my boys can do -- it feels great, it loosens their muscles, it gives them exercise, it is a wonder sport! The girls equally love it -- and are little fish (or they prefer to be called mermaids!) We are fortunate to have an indoor swim school, that allows us to "train" year-round! But nothing beats swimming in our own pool -- it's been a bit chilly of late, but soon, the weather will start warming up and the pool will beckon! And there is no greater bliss, then four little monkeys splashing, laughing and having fun in the sun in our own backyard -- now, that is a blessing!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Swimming does a body good, that's for sure. How wonderful that you have your own pool and you and the kids can exercise every day when the weather gets hotter! Swimming at night there is "tha bomb," as Kayla says. Enjoy for the rest of us!!! xo - Debi