Wednesday, November 27, 2019

The tortoise who made me write a book...

For years I searched for just the right book to read to Benjamin, Mason, and Claire’s elementary school classrooms to teach the boys and girls (and teachers) about Cerebral Palsy. All these years later, I am still constantly seeking. So you can imagine my delight that soon a perfect book will be available….and my name will be on the cover!

The string of events are a bit incredible. I mean I have been writing more than one book for years. They are all saved on my computer waiting for me to get the nerve…..

But the first book printed with my byline came about from dinner with a friend – and it is coming very soon!!

One of our first friends in Delaware raises tortoises. Randy also sells spinal implants which is how our paths crossed but the tortoise gig is most important here! Last summer, a baby tortoise with a spinal deformity came into his life – Helix. Helix doesn’t have the use of his back two legs but is otherwise healthy. Randy wanted to help. He bought itty bitty wheels and glued them on to Helix and that sweet little tortoise began to move with ease! And began to inspire Randy! (Click here to meet Helix!)

Next week, the inspiration Randy took from Helix will release on Amazon as a delightful children’s book, “Helix Gets His Wheels!” It is a fun story about perseverance and friendship. It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any children in your life! (You can pre-order here! )

Randy wrote it to educate and inspire and he did a beautiful job! But then, Randy came to dinner at our house. He reached out not long after that first dinner with another idea:

Randy explained how he had no idea what life actually looked like for someone in a wheelchair. He was moved by the way our house is set up, by the lift system for Benjamin, by the way we have organized our kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room to best accommodate Benjamin.

Randy asked if I would write the next Helix story – incorporating it all!

And so, right now, we are finishing up the illustrations for “Helix Rolls Into A Sleepover” – and I have found the entire process just positively delightful!!

We are thrilled to see how best to use Helix – I would love to come into classrooms and share Helix, share our story, and educate on exactly what Cerebral Palsy is – and isn’t.

Our dream is that Helix will help develop empathy, awareness, and acceptance in school children. I can hardly wait!

“Helix Gets His Wheels” will be available Dec. 6 – just in time for your Christmas shopping lists! And I promise to keep you posted when we have a publication date for “Helix Rolls Into A Sleepover!”

(And if you want to share the word – I would be so grateful!) 

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