Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is it counter -- someone who counts -- or counter -- like a table top?

I have been full of angst for the last couple of days. I have allowed myself to be pulled in to social media bickering in a way that is just not healthy for me. By the time my husband arrived home tonight I was vacillating between tears and rants. Just the welcome he wanted, I have no doubt.

So imagine the timing then, of my precious 11-year-old looking at me an hour later and asking this question:

"Mom, why did you name your blog "The Blessing Counter?"

Sweet little Red was only three when Mason set up my blog and the trio urged me to share our story, of course she has no memory of how we came up with the name.

And so I began to explain:

Sometimes it is hard to be a special needs family. Sometimes,  we can get focused on the hard parts of it -- the surgeries, the trials, the struggles, the fighting for rights. I know it is not healthy for me to focus on the hard stuff, on the negative. I needed to count my blessings every single day....

I was kind of on a roll, about to regale her with ways I have tried to do that in this little space but it was here that she interrupted me:

"Oh COUNTER like you were COUNTING. I always thought it meant a counter...like a table top."

Doesn't that make you smile? I kind of love the imagery actually. I would love for you to pull up a stool and have a cup of coffee at my Blessing Counter!

So tonight, I can think of nothing better than to sit at this counter and look through some photos from our trip to Israel this Fall. (A certain redhead needs me to post them here so she can access them at school for a project....and I really think my heart could use the memories tonight.)

So pull up your stool -- tonight I am serving... 

Mount of Olives looking out toward Jerusalem.
Jerusalem looking at Mt. Moriah -- where the mosque is currently located (see the gold dome?).

Inside the room where Jesus had the Last Supper with his disciples. Changes have been made to the room from different groups over the years but it has always been protected.

Outside the upper room.

A remaining section of the Western Wall -- the ancient wall of the Temple courtyard. 

So you can see how close the mosque and the wailing wall are in proximity.

The path Jesus took to his crucifixion.

Something for everyone?

I love the old city of Jerusalem.

I also love the "new" city of Jerusalem.

And finally my friends, I leave you tonight with the Sea of Galilee. It was here that Jesus walked on water. And even held out his hand for Peter to climb from the boat and walk to him. It was here that Peter actually took a few steps on the water right before he took his eyes from Jesus.

But most importantly for this season in my life -- it was here that when the storm raged and the disciples became frightened, Jesus calmed the storm.

My prayer is that this year, you may feel the very real calm that Jesus offers to the world.

Carol - The Blessings Counter