Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Good friends, great art, and balm to a Mama's heart!

It is one of those things that probably would never cross your mind. It belongs on a list of silly worries that I shouldn't let bug me but they do anyway. Worries like when the triplets were little and every single Vacation Bible School song started with something like "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus," and it made me want to cry because my boy would never stand up this side of heaven.

Silly, I know. Please. I have whole days where I am not struck by some completely benign offense. I do.   But if you have ever hurt for a child, ever felt the completely raw, un-fixable pain of watching your child struggle with something every one else does on cue at a year old...then maybe you can understand that some hurts don't make sense. My head can say "Stop, you are being ridiculous." But my heart just can not staunch the grief.

That emotion hit unexpectedly as I stood in an artist's booth and looked at her beautiful Mississippi art. The scenes of barefoot boys running with their faithful dogs spoke to me. I knew I wanted to display her work in our home. But see, here is the thing: I couldn't purchase a painting of a boy running in a field. I just couldn't. I wanted to. I walked away and came back more times than was probably polite at the arts festival in April. But I couldn't do it. I tried to focus on paintings with girls but because I knew every time I looked at it I would KNOW why I hadn't bought the one with boys, I walked away.

On my billionth time in the booth, my friend Allison stood with me and told me about the pieces the artist, Ellen Langford, had done for her. As I explained my reluctance to purchase a boy running, Allison didn't even wait for me to finish before she said, "Tell Ellen what you want. Tell her!"

And so I did. I wasn't specific. Ellen Langford is an incredible artist -- a gift to Mississippi -- no way would I try to tell her how to paint. But I did tell her that I wanted a scene where the boys had power sticks and a wheelchair...reflective of my own children.

Yesterday, I picked up my Ellen Langford original. Oh my goodness. It is absolutely perfect. I can smell the breeze blowing as the children romp and play in the Mississippi sun. I can hear the leaves rustling in the tree. I can sense their laughter and delight. I absolutely adore it. 

Thank you, Ellen, for hearing this Mama's heart and capturing it beautifully! I plan to enjoy it for years and years to come!!

Carol - The Blessings Counter