Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A drum roll and a kleenex please.

The room was spinning as the doctor walked out. He had just looked at Wade and I, holding two amazing one-year-old boys and said, "Of course your boys have Cerebral Palsy. What did you think I would say to you today?"

As we regained our equilibrium -- sitting together in that little exam room with our beautiful boys --  we knew one thing: Benjamin and Mason were exactly the same in that moment after the diagnosis as they had been before the diagnosis. They were exactly the same amazing, extraordinary gifts from God and we were grateful for their lives!

And as we drove home from the hospital, I felt absolutely certain of one more thing, my job had not changed. My job the moment Benjamin, Mason and Claire were born became to lead them, guide them and cheer them to the potential God had planned for them. Cerebral Palsy would not stop that. No, CP has forced me to add obstacle-knocking-down to my duties, but primarily, I am and will forever be the biggest fan of these three amazing young adults. 

Today, my trio announced their plans for college. I am delighted to share their little announcement with you. God has orchestrated everything from the day they were born -- the college decision is no different. They will be within 20 miles of each other. Wade will be able to see both the boys' college campuses from his new hospital! And sweet Claire is just a few miles down the road.

Now, I will say that you'll notice not one is wearing our beloved maroon -- not one is headed to Mississippi State. But rest assured, they remain bulldogs at heart, they can ring a cow bell and scream hail state with the best of them. But for my three, smaller campuses and some really unique God-given opportunities were the deciding factor. I am so excited that my front-row seat in their cheering section is secure!!

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