Friday, August 15, 2014

Time Travelers...

Honestly, we have been back to Shakespeare's age forward to the much-modernized BBC Broadcasting House and around and around places in between. We have laughed and stood in awe; we (well three of us) have stood for three hours straight to see Julius Caesar in the yard so we could have the experience (read: very very sore feet); and we have worn holes in a brand new pair of shoes. We visited history of two world wars and watched in awe as the Phantom terrorized the opera. We have had a very busy two days.

Inside Shakespeare's Globe theater.

At the BBC.

On the set of the BBC's One Show.

Benjamin and Cate read for a radio drama.

Claire did the sound effects.

We walked over to Baker visit the home of our favorite detective.

Sadly, this attraction had no lift (elevator) to the apartment of Sherlock Holmes. We usually don't do anything if we can not all do it together but this was 221B Baker Street....and Benjamin insisted everyone else go on without him. So he and I spent time in the gift shop -- even then, the gentlemen working at the museum had to help me lift his chair up on the step into the shop.

We reached Hyde Park right before our feet fell off -- ok, not really but just as Claire found she had worn a hole in the bottom of her new shoes! We had a lovely respite here complete with Ice Lollies...which we let Cate buy even though not one of us knew what they would be. We were delighted to have chocolate Popsicles when she returned! (Doesn't having ice lollies while on holiday just have a lovely sound to it?)

We found the Peter Pan statue in the middle of Hyde Park. Someone had left a bouquet of flowers in memory of Robin Williams.

My girls in the Princess Diana memorial also in Hyde Park.

Another step back in time -- the Imperial War Museum.

And while I have loved all these moments -- and ya'll, there are hundreds of photographs that I haven't shared yet -- taking my children to see Phantom of the Opera last night may be my favorite thing yet! Mason has been talking about this musical for years. He could not wait to see it and it met every single expectation....every single one!

And we may or may not have waited outside the stage door to meet the stars...I love this photo of Harriet Jones (Christine) with Benjamin!

 But one of us was waiting for the Phantom...because ya'll, the Phantom (Geronimo Rauch) was from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

And though Mason is opposed to standing outside stage doors...for many very good reasons (including not wanting to hurt other actor's feelings if we don't recognize them but mainly to preserve the magic of the show) the rest of my kids loved interacting with this charming Argentine who was delighted to hear of our love for his country!

We literally came scurrying across the Westminster Bridge as Big Ben struck midnight. I hurriedly tucked all my crew in for the night but my mind danced over these two days of precious memories for a couple more hours! We have already lived one more day since...but I will save that fun for later!

I'm sending hugs and love from London and hoping your day is full of ice lollies!!

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