Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Glamour of International Travel...except, you know, NOT!

This story would be so much better if I had photos to share. But really, you should probably be relieved that you are stuck with the after-shots...the albeit tussled, travel-weary and bedraggled but nonetheless picturesque shots rather than the ones this story demands! Be glad. Be so glad.

We have arrived in London. (That bit is for my Mom, who worries.)

But I have to tell you, the getting-here was not our most elegant travel experience. We opted to fly overnight. Wade worked all day, the kids and I packed and loaded the van and we were set to fly just past supper and before bedtime nonstop to jolly old England. Perfect really. I imagined it quite pleasant. We would sit in the designated order that Little Red prescribed, eat our meals, and fall promptly into a restful sleep. 

Except, we didn't.

My weary travelers getting their first glimpse of the Thames River!

 When supper was served, at least three of us were watching a movie set in India...the scenes really came to life as the smell of curry filled the cabin. Four of us ordered the chicken curry offered by our flight attendants as almost a knee-jerk reaction to the movie.

My Benjamin who never eats well, thoroughly enjoyed the meal. I even remarked that perhaps I should start cooking with curry....oh the foreshadowing.

After the meal, both girls fell fast asleep. My boys were watching a second movie so I took the opportunity to try to doze. But sleep escaped me as I could tell Benjamin was struggling to find a comfortable position. His leg against my own was jerking in what I knew was a muscle spasm. Wade and I worked to reposition him a dozen times. I put pillows under his legs, under his feet, behind his back. We had flown internationally once before -- when we went to Argentina on mission -- and while he didn't sleep like a baby, he DID sleep. But this trip is following his spinal fusion surgery and I underestimated how much that would hinder his ability to lean on me and let me cushion him for sleep. We simply could not find a comfortable position for him.

The London Eye.

I heard him moan and turned to him exactly has vomited all over the back of the chair in front of him. I mean straight shot. I did what any good mother would do (Oh mercy) and stuck my hands out to catch it. He vomited again into my hands and Dad woke up. I asked him to get us an airsick bag and he leaped up to get one as I grabbed the airline issued blanket to try to catch what seemed a never ending storm.

When my precious boy was empty, and the color of chalk, Wade scooped him up and ran towards the bathroom. You know the teeny tiny airplane bathroom? Benjamin and I were locked in that restroom for 30 minutes trying to rid him -- and me -- of the stench and everything else of geting sick on an airplane.

Dad knocked at the door as I was weighing how wet his shirt could be before he caught a cold, and offered me a pajama top from first class for Benjamin to change into.

Did you know this is actually the Queen Elizabeth Tower? You may HEAR Big Ben, the bell from within the tower!!

He then scooped B up and went back to our aisle....while I desperately tried to clean my clothes so that I would not have to debark the plane in London wearing British Airways pjs.

We never slept...though I should add that both girls slept completely through the whole ordeal. And lest anyone worry, that sweet young man of mine rallied this afternoon and saw some sights like a champion tourist before crashing tonight (He is snoring as I type!).

My four headed straight for Trafalgar Square!! 

I am exhausted and can not see straight or think coherently....but knew the story must be told. You better believe we won't let a little thing like airsickness get us down -- oh we might not have smelled like roses today -- but we are HERE and London feels and looks so happy to see us! There is much to see and explore and I hope you'll join me as I share it all right here -- the good, the bad, and the not-so-glamouous!

Travel weary -- and with one of us wearing British Airways travle pjs -- but adorable nonetheless!

Carol - The Blessings Counter


GreenGirl said...

For that adventure, I'm happy to read rather than live. I'm hoping that is the only part of the trip involving bodily fluids. Have a great time, it really is all about the attitude!

AZ Chapman said...

Hope Ben feels better soon I am still taking photos for World CP day.

Are you guys interested in submitting a photograph

the-unintentional-blogger said...

Oh my. Hope tomorrow is such a great day that it makes up for that very rough start!!! This is Debra, not Scott, but I don't know how to change that on here.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Oh, my good heavens, Carol! I feel so for you, Wade and sweet Benjamin - what a terrible experience. However, that should mean that the worst is over and you can enjoy the rest of your stay in Jolly ol' England in comfort. Rest ye well, weary travelers!

Jeff Heimbuch said...

So glad you guys made it safely, and I hope Benjamin feels better for the rest of the trip! Tell him Ill try to send a TARDIS for the return journey!