Thursday, November 21, 2013

The day my baby moved out. (Brother, that is.)

My brother moved out of my house today. The reason is exciting -- he is getting married next month and is getting the home set up for his lovely bride. We love Stephanie and are thrilled for them to begin this next journey.

But I am sad.

I was 11 when Len was born. He was only in first grade when I left for college. I missed him then. And if the letters I have stored away are any indication, he missed me too! (My favorite was just three words: "Love. Cry. Len.")

Talley and little Len.

Eight years ago, after Cate was born, Len was ready to enroll at New Orleans Theological Seminary. He was literally driving down for an orientation when he received a phone call from the school telling him to turn around a hurricane was headed toward New Orleans. Katrina.

It was then that Wade offered him our spare room. New baby, three nine year olds and a surgeon's schedule are not a good combination. Wade asked Len if he would help me with lifting Benjamin, etc and in exchange we would help him go to school. He agreed.

Teaching Baby Cate to wash cars.

When he arrived with all his belongings in the back of his white truck, the three of us sat down and had a long conversation. We knew there would be challenges with three adults and four kids under one roof. We decided to try it for six months and re-evaluate. But after a year, if Len liked it in Phoenix, he would get his own place. One year. Max.

I giggle. Cate was six months old when her uncle moved in. She just celebrated her 8th birthday.

Len and Mason clowning around at of our great trips!

Uncky and Jessie the yodeling three year old!

It was just so good, we didn't think it should end. He was going to school, enjoying the crazy of having a big family around him -- as the baby he had not experienced that at home -- and we were loving having Uncky with us. It never occurred to us that it should end.

And so today, with all the Len-stuff gone from my house, I am missing my baby brother already. Thank goodness he will only be down the road a bit and promises to come visit.....

Proof he will do anything Little Red asks him to do -- even perform as the evil Stepmother in Cinderella!

Thank you, baby brother. Thank you for making memories my children will never forget -- tea parties and video game tournaments while Wade and I traveled; always being willing to play in the pool no matter who asked; and changing every single light bulb when they burned out. You wore silly hats when I asked...

And celebrated with pumpkin cakes when that is what your niece insisted you would love....

You have helped me more these past few years than I will ever be able to thank you for.

And you have accomplished a ton as well! I am so proud of you. So very proud.

I do expect you to be here often. To keep making us laugh. And to come in to be the villain in every birthday party mystery!!

Now go start this next adventure! We can not wait to celebrate with you and Stephanie! I am thrilled to add her as my sister!!

I love you baby brother. I am so proud of the man you have become and so grateful that God made me your big (little) sister!!

Cry. Love. Carol.


GreenGirl said...

That post I love! Len you are fantastic and Stephanie is a lucky lady!!