Friday, November 15, 2013

Pictures speak volumes, right?

My house was painted this week. And what that means is: for a few days we were living in chaos. Nothing where it was supposed to be. Nothing where we could find it.

We are slowly getting back to normal but slowly. The process involved moving the girls to their own rooms -- because Uncle Len is moving out to get married. He painted bedroom furniture this week. We have hung pictures, ordered bedspreads and frankly not sat down for much at all.

So. Birthday pics are just now making their way to my computer. But I have to tell you that at the end of this harried week, these make me smile. Maybe they will make you smile too.

Her "big kids" picked a gift that made her go crazy with excitement...

A crocheted hat that looks like the tardis in Dr. Who. Seems appropriate since THEY are the reason the 8-year-old loves Dr. Who.

She was pretty excited about the Barbie camper. She has had the one from my childhood for years but it is falling apart (imagine!)

Pluto seems pretty interested, as well!

In 1970-something, when I got my camper, Santa left me a note explaining that he ran out of time putting the stickers on and my Dad would have to finish....I kind of thought all these years later the process might be different. I was wrong.

Almost 40 stickers.

The after was pretty stinking cute though.

I love the attention to detail....this is a cocoa maker complete with mugs that use Barbie's ponytail as the handle. 

And don't forget the chandelier!

Ya'll should come over to play!

This one just makes me smile...Dad was given a "tour" of the finished camper!

Her yearly tradition....yogurt for Birthday dessert!

Nancy Drew party!

Little Red picked Gigi's Cupcakes for her party -- cookie dough version! Oh my goodness.

Unfortunately these party favors were pilfered before the fun began....the party girls had to solve the mystery by following all the clues Cate's teenagers set for them! What a relief when they discovered the butler had stolen them!! (Uncle Len!! hee hee)

My childhood copies of Nancy Drew....

Family picture -- birthday girl as Nancy Drew complete with her sister dressed as  friend "Bess" and her brothers as the Hardy Boys!!

We enjoyed celebrating our Little Red...I am sure you can tell, I consider birthdays a pretty big frosting covered blessing!!!