Sunday, November 11, 2012

Celebrating our Brave birthday girl!

I love celebrating the birth of my four kiddos -- love it! Since three of mine share the same day (what triplets do, you know?), we only have TWO days of official celebration each year. So we do what makes sense...we celebrate for the whole week!!

This year Cate was excited about the newest Disney princess, Merida. Merida is a red-head with triplet siblings -- pretty perfect for Little Red!

She loves dress-up but princess dresses are a challenge for birthday games, so we needed to come up with a cute alternative. A little search on provided just the thing! I found this shop with adorable iron-on transfers!! Cate and I went fabric shopping and she picked out perfect fabric, we added a cute t-shirt and put it all together!!


Ironed on!


Cate and her Daddy decided that 7 was just the age for getting her ears on Cate's actual birthday we went to every little girl's favorite place -- Claire's!

Another before shot...check out the ears!

And after! Hello Kitty studs were just the thing!!

Gifts were next on the agenda -- oh goodness, her face when she saw her new little beach cruiser was priceless!

And hugging her bear-hat wearing big kids after opening their gift (A Hello Kitty camera!) was the best!!

Uncle Talley and Aunt Sarah sent a wonderfully perfect blanket....Dad likes it, too!

The day of the party, we had soccer and a few last minute preparations for the party! Uncle Len painted the bullseye!

While Claire, Mom and Miss Stephanie decorated the house!

The archery game involved suction-cup-tipped-arrows so we needed a glass surface...we hung the bullseye on the back of the door and shot from the front! Worked perfectly!

Loved watching Cate help her friends!

Big brother Mason was a huge help, too!

I should post a warning here -- that IF you leave Dad and daughter alone to think of party ideas the ideas might include horses. Horses.

Thankfully, Ms. Rosie from River Ridge Farms was willing to bring two horses to the party! The girls had a blast!! 

The birthday girl and her sister, who was a huge help leading the girls and their horses around the cul-de-sac!

Happy happy birthday, our sweet Cate, I hope your 7th birthday was one you will long remember!!