Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seizing the moment....

We are not a spontaneous family. We plan, we check accessibility, we strategize. We don't do spur-of-the-moment.

But this weekend, we made an exception -- and lickety-split packed our crew and headed north! Dad had to work in Flagstaff on Monday so we tagged along to enjoy the cool temperatures!

Unaccustomed to spontaneity does not mean I won't run with it when offered -- the kids and I got hubby to work and headed out of town. I had heard about this drive-thru zoo that I was eager to try.

Let me say right now, that Bearizona was delightful. I loved that Benjamin could see everything up close and personal and from the comfort of his chair -- inside our van. Mason didn't get exhausted walking from exhibit to exhibit because....well, we drove through. And we could squeal with delight and enjoy every moment without worrying about a crowd pushing in front of Cate or any of us. Oh, I enjoyed it immensely.

We had the best time driving through the burros, the big horn sheep, the bison and oh my goodness....the bears!!

We even saw White Bison. I must confess, I didn't even know such a thing existed. 

The wolves were amazing. They were definitely being wolves when we first drove into their enclosure...their eyes were so intelligent, taking us in and evaluating our risk (as none, I might say.). But then the truck arrived carrying their lunch....and they ran like our dog runs at meal time....complete with wagging tails!

And then there we were. In the bear enclosure. Amazing. Big black bears wandering right up to our car. The rules require windows to stay closed and doors to remain locked. I could so imagine these bears trying to open the door....oh my goodness.

So from the safety of our LOCKED car, they were magnificent creatures. Beautiful in their majesty -- sweet eyes reminding us of our dog, Pluto....except with paws that were frightening in their size.

Except they were not very quick to get going once they sat down....we got tickled watching them get up and down. Cute little (ok, big) fellas...

At the end of the tour -- and outside of the bear enclosure -- Bearizona has a fort with other animals exhibited. This did require some walking -- but it was small enough and thanks to the location, cool enough, to be enjoyable.

And quite educational -- did you know porcupines could climb trees?

The exhibits included the preschool and kindergarten bears...oh, they were sweet.

The Lynx exhibit was not so sweet -- he turned and looked at me when I started clicking. I am fairly certain he was contemplating how to get to me...

Little fox....

Pretty girl.....

Times two!

The bobcat....we have seen one of his siblings in our neighborhood....

After the educational fun, we still had some time to kill -- books and coffee filled the bill. I enjoyed spending unscheduled time with my crew.

Though this member of my crew should be too young for coffee....oh, the joys of being the youngest sibling with teenagers!

Her role-models!

We finished the day at a local park -- temps were in the upper 70s; the grass was green and well, the homeless men were napping all around. But we camped out in the park and read our books, giggled, and just enjoyed the deep sigh of unscheduled fun together.

Because as much as we enjoy traveling, going, doing and seeing.....sometimes it is the BEING that is the biggest blessing of all.

Especially, when I am just being with my favorite four.