Monday, April 16, 2012

How can it possibly be that time again??

April 18, 1997. Oh, the day that changed me. Changed us. Made us a family. Exceeded my wildest dreams.

The day Benjamin, Mason and Claire were born. (If you'd like to read about their story, click here!)

Dad has Benjamin and Claire, I have Mason...this was Mother's Day 1997...they were almost a month old by the time we had our first family photo.

I remember those early mornings -- no matter how exhausted I was when I entered their nursery, the smiles that greeted me made me instantly feel sorry for all the Mommies in the world who didn't have three little smiles greeting them. I felt so blessed. Beyond blessed.

Mason, Benjamin and sweet Claire.

Even when doctors became worried about their development and we began physical and occupational therapy, I was hard-pressed to worry when I was with my crew. They lit up my life, they made me smile, they blessed my heart. 

Benjamin and Ms. Megan, his PT.

Claire encouraging Mason as he walks with his therapist, Ms. LouAnn.

And they were so sweet. So stinkin' sweet.

Holding hands and communicating in their own little way...that's Benjamin in green, Claire in the middle and Mason in red.

Time flies. I think we went from 4 to 15 in a blink of the eyes.

Happy, happy, happy place! (4th Birthday)

Racing to the Mouse.

But this I know. Their smiles still bless my days. Their love for each other brings me joy. Their love for God brings gratitude.

Happy 15th birthday, Benjamin, Mason and Claire. 

I am so blessed to be your Mom. So blessed!!