Friday, March 30, 2012

Week of interruptions...

Our week has been its usual crazy busy. Perfectly normal and yet, it felt so rushed, so jam-packed that this morning when the alarm went off, I didn't even hear it, I was already going ninety-to-nothing in my dream. Whew. Do you have those days?

In the midst of our crazy week though, we had a delightful break as we stumbled into a spot we have been curious to see for a year -- Rocket Fizz Soda Shop. And oh mercy, it was just the break we needed.

Stepping through the doors felt like we were stepping back in time. Back to a slower season where cokes (I am a Southern girl after all...and carbonated beverages are COKES.) came in glass bottles and required a bottle opener. It was just the calming breath we needed in the midst of our racing-from-one-thing-to-another week.

My Bible study group was just discussing this week the discipline of time. Oh, it was convicting, for sure. Elisabeth Eliott believes that being late is a SIN. My husband agrees with her. You are robbing -- she says -- the person you keep waiting of time. Ouch. I needed that.

But more than that, when we are running late, with a calendar jammed packed full, the late carries over into every single event. And the need to keep running doesn't abate. There is no room for interruptions because we are so focused on racing the clock that we don't even see the needs of those around us.

Deep sigh. 

So this week, as we raced from one commitment to another, I was grateful for the lesson. Grateful for an opportunity to get it right. To hear the conviction -- feel it in my soul -- and make the change that allows us to savor our time, to stop and smell the roses during our days.

Or to stop and let the soda fizz tickle our noses, as it were!

So take a deep breath, take your schedule to the One who cares about all the details of your day -- breathe in the slower pace and if you find yourself with time to pause and relive some golden bygone days, visit  Rocket Fizz, it was quite the blessing!