Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are really going...

There are no words. Really. Just no words. You have sent notes, checks and prayers and with each trip to the mailbox we are humbled, overwhelmed and grateful. Oh my goodness, we are so grateful.

In less than 80 days, Benjamin, Mason, Claire and I will board a plane for Buenos Aires, Argentina because YOU felt led to say to my trio, "I believe in you. I know God wants to work through you and I want to stand with you. Partner with you. Make this happen."

My Momma-heart wants to shout my gratitude for the message you have sent my children. For the message God has sent my children. Thank you for believing that God wants to do great things through them. Thank you for letting them know you feel that way. Oh thank you!

Our trip dates moved back one day to May 30 - June 12....Please keep praying. Pray for the our entire team of amazing high school students. Pray that fundraising for the team continues to be God-driven and that all who are called to support the team will be obedient!

Pray for Brad, Kristina, Stephanie -- the fierce leaders of the team. Pray for discernment for them, for encouragement for their hearts and the energy to lead this team of teens.

Pray for Argentina. May the people be moved, touched, encouraged. May they see the power of the Lord and may their lives be forever changed!

Oh, this trip has already been a blessing and we haven't even packed a bag yet!! Thank you, Lord!!