Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little R&R

Right this minute, I am sitting in the back of a little coffee shop. I just finished a delightful Blueberry Pomegranate Latte (My second ever...I was just introduced to this by my dear friend and now am hopelessly addicted. Thanks, Stef!), just finished writing a devotional piece that was ahem, due yesterday, and just took a few dozen deep breaths.

As a home-schooling mom of four, I do not often get chunks of time alone. It is ok. I don't really like alone. I get energy from people and find that I need to be where I can love and be loved. So I am in no way complaining. But today, this is exactly what I needed. Too far from home to run back and be productive. But with enough time on my hands to accomplish things that require me to be still and quiet.

I am reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot -- Discipline: The Glad Surrender. In her book, Mrs. Elliot addresses the need for mental discipline, among other things. Her words resonate in my mind today. She quotes what Physician William Osler told his students at Yale one evening almost a century ago: "The failure to cultivate the power of peaceful concentration is the greatest single cause of mental breakdown."

Wow. I hear what Dr. Osler is saying in every fiber of my being. Finding a peaceful place -- a time to reflect, to turn my thoughts to God and things which are holy, pure, and good is essential, absolutely essential.

Will you find a quiet spot today to be still and just know God? You will be blessed. I promise. 


Judy said...

I am the first one to give this advice to others and shamefully the last one to follow it. Grateful you had this moment;-) xo

Claire's Calico Corner said...

I am so glad you got to have some delightful alone time!!