Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pedal Power

 I had forgotten. I had completely forgotten.

Once upon a time, I loved to ride my bike. I spent hours and hours riding around my neighborhood growing up. I rode on youth trips. I rode with my Dad on our beloved Natchez Trace. I have amazing memories on my bike.

And then I became a Mom. Of two boys who couldn't ride. So I stopped.

Almost three years ago, that changed a bit when Mason got his bike! But still, I thought my days of pedaling were behind me. I enjoyed watching my crew ride as I walked with Benjamin behind them.

But Christmas 2011 changed all that. Sweet Claire got a new bike. An adorable new bike. And that inspired little Cate to spend Christmas day learning to ride without her training wheels -- actually saying the "day" is an overstatement, she had it in less than two hours!

Watching my girls ride made we have the strangest itch in my legs. They were all but begging for a turn. And Claire obliged by letting me have a turn on her cute little pink beach cruiser.

Oh. My. Goodness.

By the 27th, the family had convinced me to go get a bike of my own. is ok if the dishes sit while my crew and I ride the streets, right?

We are still giggling with delight every time we ride. When Mason is with us, and the four of us are enjoying our little neighborhood, I fear we look like the Von Trapp kids in their made-from-curtains-play-clothes as we laugh, yell back and forth and circle around and around each other!

So if you need us -- well, you know where to find us. We might not be setting speed records...but we'll be the ones having a ton of fun!!


Claire's Calico Corner said...

I love this post, Mom!! I am SOO thankful we get to enjoy these moments (on our adorable little bikes! :) ) together! I love you!

Hoekzema said...

As a fond Sound of Music fan, I can picture them on their bikes down the road lined with trees on the side. I hope you continue to enjoy your bike rides!