Thursday, November 17, 2011

Instant Friday.

life rearranged

I am still getting the hang of this...and my bloggy friend, Jeanne, didn't post last week because she was in the midst of a really cool I missed doing mine! (I know, sometimes, I just follow the leader...) But I love the idea so bear with me as I learn the ropes. Please.

Here we go....

My boys were guest lecturers at Arizona State University for the FOURTH time! (Yes, they are only 14!) In our tradition (we like traditions a lot.), we followed the lecture with a treat at the on-campus Jamba Juice.

Even Rapunzel enjoyed the treat!

Our desert temps have decided to get us ready for the holidays and took an unlikely plunge. As I am still getting used to the whole soccer mom role, I had to grab the closest sweatshirt I could find -- big sister's. It didn't seem to impede my little star at all!

The birthday surprise -- her very own swing set -- was such a huge hit that we have been spending most mornings right there. Gown and all.

Moms with hands on the steering wheel can not prevent teenage daughters from taking pictures with her phone. Just saying.

And when the Daddy is traveling, he always needs a quick shot of little red playing soccer! Always.

Reliving sweet moments of our week through my camera-phone is a blessing! Won't you join me?!


Holly said...

Heheh I love the photo of Rapunzel at Jamba Juice!