Monday, November 14, 2011

Flex. Flex. Flex.

My little family has a daunting task ahead of us. This time next week we will be driving cross-country to move a family member back to Mississippi.

As we prepare our hearts this week for such a task -- scoping out education rest-stops; searching out healthy road-snacks and praying for attitudes, endurance and grace -- I keep hearing the word "flexible" in my head. Be flexible.

Ah. Not my strongest personality trait perhaps. I like routine. I like our traditions. I like having a fairly good idea of what today -- and tomorrow look like.

Yes, yes, I know. You would think I would have laid all that down the day the doctor told us we were expecting triplets. But still. Some traits are hard to part with.

And because apples don't fall far from the trees -- my crew are equally um, stubborn in their routines. We are consistent creatures. Each day of our week has a certain "look". You can count on it. And if it differs, well, then you will find us ornery, restless, a bit out of sorts.

So having said that: Thanksgiving is our favorite family time. We love our very simple traditions of waking early to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade before we move to the kitchen to cook. We love to exclaim over every Broadway performance and discuss if we'll see that musical on our "one-day-we-are-all-going-to-New-York" trip! We like to sample the cornbread dressing. We like to cut pilgrim hats and Indian headbands out of construction paper and giggle when Dad puts them on. And yes, we like to have some football as the background music to the entire day.

Deep sigh.

So this week as we prepare for the daunting drive, we are also working pretty hard to lay down our not-wanting-to-give-up-our-holiday and embrace the idea that we will be with our beloved Grammie for Thanksgiving and we can make some new memories, enjoy her cooking and spend time with her!

I do have pilgrim hats and Indian headbands packed in my suitcase. Now, if we can just figure out how to move Gram's one and only television from her bedroom to the living room, we'll be golden!

The ability -- and willingness -- to flex is a huge blessing. Prayerfully, we'll embrace that blessing!


atherton2 said...

Praying for wonderful new Thanksgiving memories.

Have a safe adventure.

with Love,
~ Chris A ~