Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Who am I?

We moved to a "new" part of town last year -- I mean we moved from way (way way) out in the suburbs to north central Phoenix....and frankly, it is kind of like moving to an entirely new place.

I am still meeting people, getting connected and finding my SPOT in this little patch of the wild wild west. And meeting new people can be exhilarating and exhausting, right? I mean, I need them to know me, my stuff, my history, my know? And lately, I have been asked more than once to tell about me....with an added "aside from being wife and mother."



I understand the question. I do. But here's the thing...

Who I am is intricately tied to my roles as wife and mother.

Wade and I have grown up together -- I would not be the adult I am today without being his wife. It is who I am and I cherish my role as his help-mate, his friend, his co-parent. We are best friends and we make each other better because of our marriage.

I am not the same woman today that I was 15 years ago before my triplets were born. Not even close. They have stretched me and grown me and changed me in ways I didn't even know were possible. I love being their Mom -- and sweet Cate's -- and frankly if I had to choose to be in a room with me pre-kids or post, I would pick POST all day long! I am more compassionate now. I am more serving now. I am far less self-centered now. Oh yes, I am thankful for the changes these four have wrought in me.

So while, I understand the question. I do not think I can un-weave who I am from these amazing faces. Oh, I am still me....I still enjoy things apart from them, I do. But for now, for this season, I will define myself as wife, mother, and friend. Praying that my life in these roles brings glory to the One who placed me in them....

And I'll count my blessings for Him.....and them!


Leanne said...

Amen!! I really dread that question..I feel when people ask it it's almost like being a wife and mon are not good enough there should be more when I feel like I am completely in God's will for my life BECAUSE of these roles and like you for this season I wouldn't change a thing...poopy diapers and all!! Have a blessed day and tha ms for sharing your heart!

GreenGirl said...

Love you for being you!

Annette M. Heidmann said...

Love this and identify with it so much!! :)