Thursday, June 30, 2011

Outer Banks Day 2

Today was just perfect. Absolutely.

We started here. My lens was foggy but I think you can tell...a book, a chair, a beach. My idea of a perfect day.

My guy stayed in the shade of the umbrella with his book...

I had a harder time staying in the shade...the sun just beckoned.

When my photos start gravitating toward children's toys...I know I am missing my (love you, jelly beans!)!

This is exactly how I expected the Outer Banks to look. Exactly.

These are my honey's footprints -- steps I will follow anywhere. 

When we decided to get this photo -- Wade immediately began drawing in the sand...and the waves washed it away in mid-draw. We got so tickled as he had to run and then draw quickly to beat the waves!

We walked around the quaint (yes, Claire, you would LOVE it!) town of Duck this evening. It was a wonderful way to end our restful, relaxing, lovely day!

God's majesty as seen on the beach, in the waves, in the sunset -- really it is such a blessing!


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