Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leaving a legacy...

When the Army called Terry Mason to enlist, he had to leave his wife and six-month old baby girl. The war in Vietnam needed him and off to basic training he went.

On our recent visit to Mississippi, we had the opportunity to visit the Veteran's Park.

He was among the fortunate -- his unit was sent to Frankfurt, Germany, where he would spend the next three years in support of the troops in Vietnam. His wife and precious daughter (did I mention that would be me?) were able to join him after six months of separation.

Grammie and her grands looking for Granddaddy Mason's memorial .

This weekend, we heard a sermon on leaving a legacy. The pastor was directing his message to grandparents and he spoke about being purposeful in the love we give our children and grandchildren; being purposeful in teaching them about the hope found in Jesus; and being purposeful in teaching them about their worth! I couldn't help but think about the man sent to Germany so many years ago.

I was a Daddy's girl from the word go. My little baby-self grieved his service to our country (I didn't understand that!) and I basically just sat and waited for my family to be reunited. I am so thankful that we were able to be with him during his time in Germany. My Daddy adored me. I know he did. Perhaps because of the time we had to be separated -- or perhaps it was always his nature -- he never failed to tell me how special I was.

My Daddy answered my questions about Jesus. And it was my Daddy that knelt with me in praying for salvation.

Today, my precious Daddy is grand parenting long-distance -- from heaven. But I have to tell you that BECAUSE he was purposeful in  loving me and my brothers; and because he was purposeful in leading me to a saving relationship in Jesus; and because he was purposeful in assuring me of my worth in God's eyes -- his legacy is felt by his grandchildren. They reap the products of the seeds he spent years sowing in me, Talley, and Len. I am so thankful.

Grammie and her grands celebrating Granddaddy Mason.

My Daddy was intentional in leaving his legacy. How are you impacting your children -- and therefore the generations to come -- for the kingdom?

I assure you, there is no greater blessing.


Claire's Calico Corner said...

I love you, Mom! You are leaving a lasting legacy. GrandDaddy Mason is amazing, and I'm so glad he's your dad and my granddad.
You are so full of Jesus' love - thank you for all you do. Love,

Claire's Calico Corner said...

Mom -
You are so inspiring and filled with the love of Jesus. Thank you so much for all you do. Grand Daddy Mason, I know, was an incredible man, and it IS evident in the wonderful children he has raised. I love you. Love, Claire at the Corner

Tracey said...

That was beautiful, Carol! There's no greater legacy than to lead your children to Christ. Thanks for sharing!