Sunday, February 13, 2011

Traveling...but without luggage!

You may have noticed that we really enjoy traveling over here. We love visiting new places, trying new foods, having fun together as a family!  But traveling -- especially when airplanes are involved -- require a lot of work on our part. A. Lot.

But Friday, we were able to travel to China without even packing a suitcase! It was quite delightful to discover that the Chinese Cultural Center right here in our beloved Phoenix was hosting a Chinese New Year Festival. The timing could NOT have been more perfect -- the big kids are right in the middle of a study of China!

We learned about calligraphy first hand as we watched each of our names being written in Chinese characters. Amazing!

We watched two fascinating "puppets" -- a lion and a dragon -- dance. So very cool.

We toured the beautiful Koi Pond and Gardens -- we really didn't know this even existed in downtown Phoenix. We are so excited to be able to return again and again!

My littlest was completely enamored with her beautiful Chinese parasol! And her siblings -- well, they loved having Dim Sum at the Golden Buddha!!

Benjamin barely fit on the bridge over the Koi pond -- he navigated well, however, and made us all smile in the process!

We spent time in the market while at the cultural center -- oh my goodness! Cate was able to see the Octopus up close -- fun for her since she had been studying them last week!

And the Mississippi girl in me, was intrigued by the LIVE catfish for sale. (I  think I prefer mine already fried with hush puppies...but that's just me.)

Our day was full of blessings -- the blessing of experiencing a new culture without leaving our city; the blessing of enjoying it together; the blessing of learning and being inspired to learn MORE! Ah. Deep sigh.


Claire's Calico Corner said...

Wow - your pictures are fantastic! I had a great time, too! And agree - we'll have to come back!
Also, I love that photo of Cate and her parasol - sassy!
Love ya!
Calico Claire

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What a special day creating magical memories to last a lifetime! Your family is beautiful, and so are YOU! Love you!