Friday, January 7, 2011

Just in...

Have just tucked my sweet Benjamin in for the night. Thank you so much for your prayer coverage today.

The surgery went well and he is resting comfortably tonight -- at home! Praise the Lord! All the hardware came out without incident and the surgeon -- our beloved Dr. Lee Segal -- was pleased.

Benjamin had some anxiety going into the operating room this time. He really hasn't done that in the past but today he became increasingly worried about the breathing problems he experienced last year following his surgery.

When he woke up in recovery, he was convinced he couldn't breathe right. We had to assure him repeatedly until he realized we were right, he was breathing just fine!

I am exhausted to my very core and believe I will call it an early night. Thank you for praying. Prayer warriors are one of life's biggest blessings!



Thank you for the update! Was wondering how it all went. Hope you can find some rest, now!