Friday, December 10, 2010

Full Theatrical Mode

All my creatures are napping -- my house is quite as a mouse! The boys are right in the middle of their theatrical debuts in Snoopy, The Musical! Last night was opening night and if I do say so myself, they were amazing. Amazing.

I am not allowed to photograph the production -- though I have been assured they will get me photos. So this is what you of me helping the boys get into costume and theater make-up!

I am bragging here. I am. So be fair warned. But I have to share: because of Benjamin and Mason's Cerebral Palsy, we have worked on breath control with their speaking for years. They speak fairly plain until they run out of is necessary for them to take more calculated breathes than you do naturally....all of that to say, I was nervous to know if they would be able to speak clearly for their production; to sing with enough enunciation to be understood.

Oh my goodness...I should not have worried. They did an amazing job. This might be the best form of therapy!

Mommy helping Benjamin with his make-up and costume!

I think my favorite part of the whole thing may end up of being THIS day...this first post-opening-night-day where they are talking non-stop about last night, talking about lines dropped, props missed and the exhilaration of having an audience. Mason looked at me today and said, "It was feeding me, Mama, hearing the audience laugh. It made me want to make them laugh more!"  And I had to smile inside and out....cause, uh, I think I have two thespians being born!!

Schroeder and Charlie Brown with their very proud Mom!
Now, it's time to wake them all up for the blessing of night two! I can hardly wait!!

**I have just re-read this and yes, I realize there is a serious over-use of the word AMAZING...but I can not help it. That is the word I want!! And I warn you again, they have two more performances AND Claire has her FIRST piano/violin recital tomorrow so I will probably use that word several dozen more times before Monday. Just so you know. **


boomama said...

This made me so happy. Your kids make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Carol...we understood every word that they said - clear as a bell!!! We laughed so much at Benjamin's "comic" relief and his lines about Beethoven! :-) They really were amazing. Mason's solo: WOW! Benjamin was in could tell by that beautiful smile on his face! You have a right to say "amazing"! Be proud!!!!

GreenGirl said...

Can I say "AWESOME" I want to attend the next production so bad!

Mardi said...

Wow!!! You've got a lot of talent in your family!! You do a great job as makeup artist...very serious in that photo! :)

Merry Christmas!!