Sunday, December 26, 2010

Embrace the Place...

It is the day after Christmas. Our's was a blue-sky Christmas with temps just cool enough for long sleeves if we chose, but no need for jackets, mittens or even heat. And I relished every non-white Christmas moment. I did.

But as I read the Facebook posts of many sweet friends around the country celebrating their snow, their flurries, their White Christmases, I had to ask myself if I was really OK with our Blue Sky Christmas. Am I really?

And y'all, I am. I really am.

My crew on Christmas Eve...notice the variety of sleeves!

Maybe, it is because we did the White Christmas thing for years. Four years in Chicago and five in Minnesota. All white. Even the one year we lived in Dallas, it snowed on Christmas Eve.

And I loved every single one. So, remembering that begged the question, "Am I fickle?" If I loved (loved loved) our White Christmases in Chicago, Minnesota and Texas, why am I so OK without them now?

Cate enjoying the "snow" at the Christmas Eve church service!
And I know the answer. I am NOT fickle. I simply choose to be content. I refused to live in Chicago crying over the fact that I was no longer in the south. I refused to live in Rochester, Minnesota wishing to be somewhere else. And today, I refuse to live in this beautiful desert dreaming of white Christmases.

Loving the joy of Christmas surprises from my crew!

I loved that the sun was shining and the sky looked bluer and bigger than I ever imagined. I loved that my Cate wore a short-sleeve Christmas dress. I loved that snow was brought in to make the kids smile at the Christmas Eve service. And I loved that Cate could play in it without hat, gloves or mittens.

Cate would like to experience real snow...Santa brought her the gear to visit Flagstaff, Arizona in January!

So, my bottom line: I am not fickle. I like joy. A lot. And so, I choose to LOVE the here, the now, the place where God has landed me.

Another blessing -- my precious kids exchanging gifts that they lovingly picked out for each other!

It is a blessing.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

One of the reasons we all love you so much, Carol, is your zest for LIFE and how you LIVE in the moment. This missive reminds ME to appreciate what I have and stop wishing my life away. Love you, girl. Love you all.

Angie said...

Just now getting around to getting back to you. Mentioned you to Amie, and she is guessing Carol Mason?? I keep forgetting to send her the link to your blog. So enjoyed reading a little about you and your beautiful family! Hope you're still having a wonderful holiday! How did you happen upon my blog??

Kris said...

This came at a good time, since I have been wishing to be back in Phoenix. Guess I could learn to be content...