Monday, August 16, 2010

Having "Susies" in our life...

Sometimes in life, we are shaped as much by the absence of someone as we are by the presence of others. Does that make sense?

My daddy's mother died before I was born. I never had the chance to know her. Just speaking of her made my daddy sad. He didn't spend hours telling me stories of her. It hurt his heart.

So when he did speak of her, I listened. He had my complete attention. Usually, it was a short little word of encouragement, "Your Grandmother Susie would have been so proud of you today."  But occasionally it was high praise, "You reminded me so much of your Grandmother Susie when you did that." And though I didn't know her, I knew by the way his eyes shone when he spoke of her that it was a big deal to be like her and so that became my goal.

Today, it has been too long since I had any compliments from my beloved Daddy. But I know that in Heaven there are no tears as he and his dear Mother are together waiting on the rest of us, resting in the knowledge that as parents they achieved their highest calling -- leading each of their children to a relationship with Jesus and ensuring a legacy of faith to follow!

But last week, my mother sent me a gift -- an envelope full of photos, news clippings and post cards from days gone by (Oh, my mama knows my love language!). As I sorted through, I found this article and received perhaps the biggest glimpse into my Grandmother Susie that I have ever had. It brought tears to my eyes, conviction to my heart, and a blessing to my family as we have all read it again and again this week.

I have to share it with you -- praying that it will touch your heart also...from the Mississippi Baptist Record, March 1966:

Perhaps my favorite quote from this article is that my Grandmother Susie proved that "circumstances cannot alter character!" What a tribute to a life lived for Jesus. What a goal for each of us!

Do you have "Susies" in your life? People who encourage you, hold you accountable and help you realize the potential of living for Christ? If so, you are mightily blessed!


Kristin said...

Love the article. Looks like your grandma Suzie's legacy has lived on in you and your family. I couldn't think of a better compliment to her that. Looks like God has blessed her whole family.