Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen!

To say Easter is my favorite holiday would not be wholly correct -- Easter is my favorite SEASON!! I love the re-awakening of the Earth as trees began to bloom, grass begins to grow, and yes, the birds begin to sing!

The pastel colors sometimes associated with Spring are not for me though, these are my favorites: bright pink, bright orange, bright blue and yes, sweet Cate, I love your bright purple! Colors that virtually scream VIBRANCY! Our savior is alive, he is risen!!

Years ago, we watched a very brave man -- my Dad -- battle cancer over a two year time. Both of those years, Daddy was extremely sick at the very end of winter...then Spring would arrive. Both years, he bounced back and took a turn for the better. In my mind, it was as if we were watching the re-awakening of the Earth directly impact him. It was beautiful. And certainly colored my love of the season.

Of course, three of my crew were born in the now, for the last 13 (EEK!) years, I have been overwhelmed each Spring with a sense of profound gratitude for the miracle that is their lives!

And this Easter was extra-special because this little gift is just starting to put all the pieces together..."So, Mommy, Jesus died but then he came back to life so he could live in my heart?" Oh yes, Cate, a thousand times YES, the one who was without sin DIED so that you can be saved from your sin!!

(OK, so the "helpers" for her Easter Egg hunt might have been a bit over-kill...but we did have a blast!!)

And so did she!!

And to top off all my favorite activities...Easter in Arizona not only includes all the things I love...but also my favorite happy place....THE POOL...this year it was our first family swim in our brand new home, and brand new pool!
Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!! (There really is NO greater blessing, my friends!)