Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not less crazy...

The month has not exactly gone like I thought it would. Like I wanted it to. Like I hoped for.

Benjamin had his six-month post-surgery check-up early this month. I assumed it would be an easy appointment -- a set of x-rays, a hug from the surgeon and we would be on our way.


The x-rays indicated his right leg is not healing properly. Which means he could need an additional surgery.

Did you feel the punch in the stomach?

Believe me, we did.

A subsequent CT scan confirmed the bone has not healed. But the docs (and yes, Dr. Dad is one of those) have decided to try a bone stimulator for a few weeks and re-x-ray. IF the bone is showing any signs of healing at that point, we will keep the bone stim going and just monitor closely. If not, our boy will have another surgery in early March.

So we are catching our breath -- it took me a few days -- and Benjamin is wearing this cool contraption on his leg that sends little pulses to his bone and prayerfully, is causing healing to occur.

And we are praying. Fervently. And resting in the knowledge that while this shocked us and took our breath away, it was NOT a surprise to God. He has a plan.

And that knowledge is the greatest blessing of all.


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

You are all in my prayers, Carol. I miss you, too.

Kristin said...

Prayers coming from this direction too. Let us know what happens.

Hoekzema said...

Prayers from Wisconsin are sent your way! Lots of love from here for healing bones!!!