Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not back to school...

School started yesterday in our neighborhood. Even when I came home from the gym (at too-early-thirty), the teenagers were standing at the curb waiting on the bus for the high school. I knew in houses all along our street first-day photos were being taken and backpacks loaded.

And for the first August ever...we were not among the ones getting lunches packed and children loaded. Our first full home school year won't kick off until after Labor Day (giving Benjamin some needed-healing time!) so I had some time to think about the day!

I couldn't ignore the fact that THIS year, I am not stressing about educating everyone who comes into contact with my boys; stressing about making sure all their needs are being met; stressing about the logistics of moving from room to room without Mason being trampled; just stressing period.

So, while I know stress will come as we begin work...do you mind if I relish the joy and excitement of starting our first year together at home?! I am so excited!! The curriculum makes me smile -- and I think we are going to have an outstanding year!!

Ah, and the blessing of a few more weeks of summer break...that one surely shouldn't be forgotten!!

Celebrating Benjamin as he recovers...getting everyone and a dog to look at the camera simultaneously...not so easy!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Good luck with your homeschooling gig, dearie. One of my friends here has 8 children and she homeschools them with no problems. Well, just the "usual" problems, whatever they are. Fortunately, there are so many resources available these days. Your children have grown so much, Carol. I owe you a HUGE novella. Love you!