Sunday, July 26, 2009

Distracting myself...

Today is Sunday. And we are in quarantine mode around here -- half the family went to church last night, while Daddy kept Benjamin and Cate at home. We desperately don't want this boy getting sick this week, so didn't think he needed to be working in the preschool department (which we all four do on Saturday nights) and of course, if anyone of us is going to bring germs home, it is our littlest angel who is still at the age for touching everything/everyone!

So this morning, I leisurely drank my coffee and read the Sunday paper. Now, those of you who know me, know that I love love to read the paper. It is my news-media of choice, and in a distant reality (read: before marriage and children) I had the pleasure of writing for a newspaper -- a job that even with my oh-so-conservative-slant (rare in the field) I purely enjoyed!

I know I am not the norm. Even in my house, Wade prefers the Internet for his news and always knows things several steps ahead of me. I remember in my Media classes in college (so many years ago), my professors discussed how newspapers would be a thing of the past one day. I felt the sorrow then.

And I felt the sorrow this morning. The Sunday paper is shrinking. The editor has already written one letter explaining the need to combine some sections and minimize the comics. And then today there was another letter from the editor explaining how they are eliminating the TV magazine and making it a subscription-only feature. I don't even read the TV Weekly, it goes straight to recycling. But, I feel the desperation such a move must represent. I only hope it helps.

So here is to the blessing of ink print-stained fingers and to finding distractions wherever possible!