Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A day

I've wanted to post all day. But today was one of those days. You know. THOSE days. A day where for absolutely no logical reason I kept tearing up in the middle of Target. Actually needing to weep.

Oh, I bought the groceries (and all the various and sundry non-essentials that I always leave Target with -- like the adorable big sunflower bucket that was on sale for 50 percent off and will look so cute with ice and drinks....). And I did the ironing today. And I played dollhouse with my littlest girl. And attempted to make paint selections for the niches.

See, I did some stuff. I did NOT sit and ponder the surgery sneaking up on me. And I waited until dark-thirty to even type about it. But it was sitting with me all day. All day.

Maybe it's because I think Benjamin is starting to "feel" the stress a bit. He had a non-explainable attitude yesterday that left him in tears of frustration. We talked but he kept saying he isn't worried. Then sweet little Cate woke up this morning and right off the bat she said, "Mommy, I think I know why Benjamin was bad yesterday." Hmm, I said, you do? "Yes, she said. It's because he watches Batman." (Currently, for Cate, the root of all evil in the world stems from watching too much Batman. Not sure why.) I said, oh, I think he might be worried about his surgery. And this three-year-old looked utterly relieved as she looked at me and said, "OH! Well, I can pray about that for him!" And she did.

So, while I know you have July 31 on your prayer calendars, would it be greedy to ask you to cover us this week as well? Just that our hearts would be comforted and protected from the need to obsess and fret?!!

Blessings to you, my friends.