Monday, June 15, 2009

Keeping busy...

Did your mother always tell you to get busy when you were worried about something? Or is that just my mom's favorite mantra?

Either way, it is too late for me, it is ingrained and therefore when I am worrying, fretting and driving myself crazy, I KNOW I need a project.

So, I'm re-doing my blog. Not sure I'm in love with it yet, but like this one better than the last. What do you think?

I'm organizing closets. My baby girl has been "sharing" our's and frankly it looks more like her's everyday! Time to move her in with her sister!

I'm painting niches. Ok. Using the word "painting" MIGHT be overstating....I'm currently contemplating painting. I have paint color cards. I have an idea. And I'm this close to going to the paint store for supplies. I'll keep you posted!

See, I'm not worried at all about Benjamin's upcoming surgery. Not at all.

Ya'll did change the date on your prayer calendars to July 31, didn't you?!


Kristin Sidaway said...

Got it on my calendar. I am praying for you to not worry too.

Brenda said...

You blog looks gorgeous - Lovin it! Yes, I have been praying for Benjamin, Dr. Segal and You too. I feel the same about keeping the mind busy - creativity is my favorite way! :)