Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Have I mentioned I love Spring?

I fear all my posts are beginning to sound alike. I love Spring. The contrast of these beautiful pink flowers and the butterflies just make me want to put all work away and sit outside admiring the blooms all around! Ah. Sigh.

Yesterday, my family and I were doing just that. We were taking an afternoon swim while relishing the sunshine and beautiful temperatures. After we had played around for a little while, I went to Benjamin to do some stretches and exercises that we have always done in the pool. Dr. Dad stopped me and told me not to bother -- the normal stretches I do with Benjamin might be painful for him until he has the hip surgery that he needs. He added that the stretches would not change the fact that he needs surgery.

I must have gotten that look on my face. That look that means I want to cry but am holding it in because I don't want to upset the kids. The same look that doesn't fool anyone. At all.

Benjamin swam over to me, grabbed my hand and looked at me with his amazing eyelashes (the longest I have ever seen!) wet and framing the sweetest eyes and said, "Mommy, don't worry. I'll hold your hand and help you through my surgery. Even when they are putting me to sleep, I'll still hold your hand."

I know. I am blessed.


Tracey said...

Oh my! You really ARE truly blessed! That made my eyes water. Can you give me parenting lessons on teaching your children to be that loving? You have amazing kids! Along with being an amazing mom!

Belinda said...

Dear Carol:

I continue to read your blog. Thanks so much for writing it. The 4/1/09 post about Benjamin and his love for you so touched me. I just wanted to let you know. Spring is slow in coming here this year because of the winter ice storm and loss of tree canopy, but the buttercups and tulips are blooming...finally..Needless to say, the great photos of the desert flowers and butterflies were a soothing site to me.

Love to you and the family,

Anonymous said...

Oh that Benjamin...He has ALWAYS been wise beyond his years. I've all weepy!!!