Monday, April 6, 2009

Dangers of being a Disney family...

Yesterday was Palm Sunday -- the celebration of the day Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and the children sang "Hosanna", praising him while laying palm fronds down on the ground for his donkey to walk upon -- a "green" red carpet!

Cate came out of her Sunday School class carrying a beautifully colored palm frond. As always, I asked her what she learned. She was extremely talkative:

Cate: "Leaves."

Me: "Really, what about leaves?"

Cate: "How the kids put them on the road for the donkeys to walk on."

Me: "Really. Why did they do that?"

Cate: "It was a parade for Jesus. I asked if Mickey was there, but our girl said NO."

Hmm....oh, there are blessings in celebrating the arrival of our King! And one day, this sweet girl will understand that it is a celebration even without Mickey Mouse. Imagine.


mmsdawg said...

I love reading your site because it bring tears to my eyes. I so miss those sweet days of innocence!!