Friday, April 10, 2009

But Sunday is coming...

It is Good Friday. On this day, more than a thousand years ago, Jesus chose to allow himself -- his perfect, sinless self -- to be crucified on a cross for my sins. (And yours, by the way.)

Even in the usually-cloudless Phoenix sky, we have cloud-cover today. I'm sure the local weather men (who have an extremely easy job out here for most of the year!) have a plausible explanation. I, however, think the sun just can't shine as bright on a day when the world tried to block the SON's light forever.

Thank goodness that Sunday is coming!

Twelve years ago, Good Friday was made even more emotional by the fact that I was hospitalized on bed rest, pregnant with triplets and NOT at a safe delivery date. We awoke Good Friday to increased contractions and bleeding. We were not sure my body would allow me to stay pregnant long enough for these sweet babies to be born with any chance for survival.

My wonderful earthly physician was well in-tune with my heavenly one, however. And on Easter Sunday, he phoned me from his church to ensure I was still pregnant....and to ask, "Carol, I just need to know this morning, are you filled with the spirit of the resurrection Sunday?!"

And I was. I was full of hope. Because as cloudy and dismal as Good Friday often a Christian, I know the ending of the story. I KNOW that Sunday is coming!! And twelve years ago, I had turned to my heavenly physician to fill me with a peace that no amount of medical care could give me concerning my beautiful three...and the Prince of Peace never fails!! Jesus won the victory over death that Easter morning so long ago. He defeated it once and for all for those of us who choose to believe and follow him. And that morning, I KNEW that even if the worst happened to my precious babies, death would not have the victory.

So can I remind you today that Sunday is coming? And ask, are YOU filled with the spirit of the Resurrection Sunday?!!