Thursday, March 26, 2009

Signs of Spring

OK, I have a confession to make. I resolved a few weeks ago to blog more often. To make it a priority and stick with it. And I did. For about four days. And then my "Supermom" cape apparently blew right off and the reality of homeschooling my beautiful children, actually feeding them meals, doing their laundry, and keeping the house in a state that prevents a "condemned" sign from being posted outside got the best of me. I am sorry. So here's to trying again. It is Spring after all -- a season that invigorates me, feels me with new energy and excitement, so I'm going to give it my best shot!! But you'll love me if I fail, right?!

The desert cacti do amazing things in Spring. We took a drive through the Carefree area of Phoenix last weekend and saw these beautiful cacti waiting to bloom. I am not sure what they even are -- had not seen them before -- but they made me smile all over! Aren't they unique?

The air temperature is not completely warm enough for swimming yet...but that has never stopped us. We heated the pool this weekend and the kids had a blast trying out their new super soakers!! (Note to grands: we could use MORE of these soakers...the kids each have one but the adults needs some defense weapons!!)

The first year our littlest mermaid hasn't needed any floaty support. Ah, she was swimming all over the pool and only scared her Daddy and me a few times as she dog-paddled and made us think she was "stalled"!!

She acts like she knows what to do with this baseball and glove...she and I were tossing it back and forth when her Daddy came home. As those of you who ever played softball with me know, I have little to NO eye-hand coordination. She quickly tired of my inabilities, sighed and asked her Daddy to play with her!! Good thing I know my limitations...otherwise, my feelings might have been hurt.

I love that she kicked that leg up with every pitch! Like this wasn't the FIRST time she had thrown a ball!

This action shot makes me smile -- wish her hair had been pulled back...but I think you can see the grin.

And then my favorite sign of Spring....the annual Shrader First Swim of the Season Portrait! With all the wonderful fragrances of Spring -- orange blossoms, baseball glove leather, and sweet gardenia -- chlorine may be one of my favorites of them all!!
Blessings indeed.


Sarah Armstrong said...

I was so happy to see a new post! I've missed hearing from you! And that pool...oh that pool! It makes me long for my house of my youth with a pool in the backyard...oh the memories of that first chilly swim of the year! I wish Turner and I could magically morph to Phoenix for the afternoon and join you - my little one LOVES the water!

Mardi said...

what great pics!! Looks like lots of fun is happening around your house! :)

I am anxiously awaiting THE call! :)

Would you mind sending me your address? I want to send you a baby shower invite my mom is putting on for me. (don't worry if you can't come, I just want those closest to me and who have followed our journey to receive an invite).

Have fun! :)


Hoekzema said...

Love, love, love the pictures! So cute! Funny that you call that spring though. We call that summer! :) My girls were swimming in a pool out in Vegas when the air temp was 68 and loving it!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Beautiful!!!!! Reading this makes me sorta sad, Carol. Carefree and spring blooming cactus and seeing the photos of Arizona....sigh. I love the state you're in - all of them! Not just Arizona, but your state of bliss. You are blessed.