Thursday, March 5, 2009

A little pencil shaving with that carpet?

She's three. I know that I love every age my kids reach. I do. But she is so stinkin' cute at three (and yea, she heard me say that and now she says everything is "stinkin cute, Mommy.")

Yesterday, she was having a moment that had the potential to make Mommy crazy. She dropped the electric pencil-sharpener. The shavings (could there have been 200 years' worth in there? It seemed that way!) went all over the floor. I was busy on the computer and told her I would be just a minute and I would clean it up. No big deal.

And then she came walking over to me. Covered. From head to every single toe. In pencil. Shavings. Covered.

I started to fuss. Grabbed her up and stuck her in the tub so I could wash them off (do you think that will stop up my drain?). Fussing at her the entire time.

At least until she looked up at me, crying, and saying over and over again, "I so sorry, Mommy. I so sorry."

"Do you 'give me?"

And how could I not 'give her? Oh sweet, baby, you can spill pencil shavings on my floors any time. I will always and always 'give you. What a blessing.


Kristin Sidaway said...

Too cute! I would give mine too.