Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reaching new heights

There are many benefits to being a special needs Mommy -- most days I remember them all. Some days, I have to remind myself. Today was not one of those days!

In my opinion, one of the biggest benefits is that, without a doubt, we have celebrated every single milestone in ways other parents might take for granted. For example, I remember the day that baby Benjamin reached across mid line for an object. Not sure I would have known to celebrate that if my great occupational therapist (Mrs. Susan) had not been working with him so diligently on that particular task. Because for my Benjamin, reaching across mid line with his hands did not occur without some serious effort on his part.

Nor did reaching up. We used to jump up and down in therapy when we could coerce baby Benjamin to reach for the beads Mrs. Susan held above his head (the same beads his sweet triplet sister, Claire, would hide in her diapers to take home...but that is an entirely different tale!)

We are long past the days of baby Benjamin...but today was one of those days when we just have to celebrate. Benjamin used a walker when he was younger. But once he started kindergarten, the exhaustion of walking from point a to point b was a price we did not want to pay. So that he could use his energy for his academics, he started using a Power Wheelchair and loving it! But now, this boy is growing and needing some more significant weight bearing and yet, his increased height doesn't make the walker as viable right now. So today, his therapist brought out a new stander. It is so amazing -- he sits in it, like his wheelchair, and then we "pump" him up!! Literally! We can stop anywhere along the way that his legs need to -- or we can keep going!

He was so excited to see how tall standing made him today -- I think the point of view from way up there made him smile all over (as did his mommy's promise that while he is standing he can play video games!).
The hydraulics are such that he was able to pump himself up a good bit, and Mason loved doing it for me! Once he tires, he simply pulls the lever and is gently brought back to a sitting position!

Hey, look how tall I am!

The wheels allow me to push him around while he is standing -- I'm thinking there could be serious benefits to that...could he dust from this position? Fold clothes? I mean really, this thing has to work for me, right?!

We are blessed to live in an age where great minds get together to come up with better and better ways to help my sweet boy reach new heights every day!


Brenda said...

WOW - That is really cool. I bet he is loving it! and your idea of more help around the house sounds great too! :)
Very good news!
Thanks for sharing.

Kristin Sidaway said...

He looks so happy and excited. Truly a great day, I can see that for myself. Great News!