Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy and his girls...

Heat up the rollers, the girls are going to a dance! The annual Daddy/Daughter Dance was held last night at our church. Wade was out of town all week and literally flew in for the occasion -- he drove straight from the airport to the church, changed in the restroom there, and whisked his girls off to a lovely night of dinner, dancing -- and Ice Cream!!

We knew that if there were any flight delays, Dad would never make it...but we still spent the afternoon getting everyone beautiful! Cate was very excited at this hot roller stage...

But really did not like it much when the rollers came down -- "I don't like my hair like this. It looks silly." (She has a mind of her own this three-year-old! Yep. She does.)

Claire has so much hair you really could use TWO sets of rollers...but we make do! She loves to have her hair curly so this was a fun night already!

We had fun shopping for their dresses -- though, can I just share that I had mistakenly had visions of them matching...or at least being color-coordinated. But when we walked into the first store, Claire picked up a pink dress and so Cate looked at her and said, "I want a blue one." Period. (Did I mention that she has a mind of her own?!) And she went right to her section and pulled this one down. Silly me. I thought I might have some input.

So they dined, they danced and they had some wonderful time with Daddy....right up until that single-minded three-year-old announced that she wanted to go home and see her Mommy! (Pretty adamantly, or so I've heard!) I think next year Dad might have to take them on separate nights!! (At least then it won't matter if they are color-coordinated or not!)

And while we weren't fancy (goodness knows we had used all the fancy on those little girls), the boys and I had a lovely dinner out at our fave, Chili's! The conversation was constant, the food was yummy and we were pretty excited to have a dinner date of our own!!

Children are a blessing. Oh, they are!


Heather said...

This is awesome! What a good Dad!

Hoekzema said...

So cute! So are you telling me that I should dress my girls alike as often as I can NOW since it won't last? Love the hot curlers too!