Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning: This is by a proud Mommy!

Today was Student of the Month Day at school -- would you believe TWO Shraders were honored today?! It was almost a perfect day (sweet Mason was the first one honored last I'm sure his day is coming this year as well!).

Benjamin was so excited about this honor. He has for years, graciously accepted that his friends -- those precious kids who help him throughout the day -- are honored as Students of the Month for their care of him. But this year, he has an amazing teacher that sees the wonder that is my Benjamin. Oh, he is 11. Rest assured we deal with the adolescent angst just like the rest of the 11-year-old populace. But can I just say how much I love this kid?! (Remember I warned you before you started reading!) Yesterday, he and I were having a conversation -- about some personal issues that I won't go into here -- and I was attempting to assure him that his aide can be helpful in these situations at school...and that she is a mom so she understands so much. He pulled his chair close to me, leaned his face over to my shoulder and said in a quiet voice, "But she's not MY Mommy." And my heart filled to the job of motherhood, it is fairly easy to convince ourselves that we are replaceable. But my Benjamin told me otherwise, yesterday. And for that I am just so grateful.

But Benjamin wasn't the only Shrader honored today. My Claire was also recognized as Student of the Month today! She was honored in large part for the beautiful way she has jumped in and made herself available to help her brother. Only in the last couple of weeks has Benjamin received a "permanent" aide...he has had a temporary one since school began. The temp didn't know the ropes but Claire did. The staff pointed out to me the grace with which this daughter of mine would simply leave her place at lunch and go make certain Benjamin's needs were met. (Now, again, remember that she is 11 also...and possibly not always that accommodating at home...hmm...but Mommy is at home, and I am not at school so my heart sings that she steps in when necessary!).

As Claire received her award today, I was reminded of the first parent-teacher conference I attended for the trio. They were three and in preschool. Mrs. Cathy was a wonderful teacher and had great things to say about all three. But when she came to discussing Claire, she looked me in the eye and said, "We are having a problem with Claire not sharing." I was stunned. This child had been sharing since the womb for Pete's sake, what was this teacher saying?! Mrs. Cathy went on to explain that Claire would sit with her legs in a "V" in front of Benjamin and Mason and keep any toys the boys were playing with right there in the "safety" of her legs. She did not want any other children to take them from HER brothers. I told Mrs. Cathy in no uncertain terms that I was proud of my girl for protecting her brothers, and I would absolutely not reprimand her for such. So today, when she was honored for that particular trait, I stood and cheered!!

So these are my blessings today. I am thankful to be Mommy to these four -- and that is a capital Mommy, you understand.


Tracey said...

Oh Carol, you leave tears in my eyes! You have a great way with words and I absolutely love to read about your precious children! Can you share tips on how to get siblings to "love" like that? ha.