Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6th Grade looks a lot like camp...

The sixth graders at our school have been at Outdoor Ed -- a program in the piney woods of Arizona where they learn about all manner of outdoor wonders! Unfortunately for us, the camp was not as accessible as we needed it to be. So Claire went for the entire time, but the boys were only able to attend Tuesday -- with Mommy's help! (We arrived right after breakfast and stayed until those campers were headed to bed...goodness knows we didn't want to miss anything, although it meant a very late bedtime!)

Surrounded by an amazing fragrance of pine, lake and cooler temps, Mason and Benjamin tried their hands at fishing. Mason loved it and is eager to try again; but Benjamin found he much prefers laughing and talking to sitting quietly! (I don't know WHERE he came from!)

Tie-dying was a craft -- and a fun one at that. My trio had their own minds to be sure -- and it was a joy to watch them put their creativity to use.
Skit night was a hoot -- sixth graders are funny! My boys' skit is still making me chuckle -- and you know the drama team that is the Shrader Trio loved every minute of this particular activity!!
My kids by campfire-light -- what could be better! I must confess that I NEEDED to sing some praise songs to the Lord sitting around this fire with all these precious children. Oh, I was itching...

S'mores. Really. Could there be anything more delicious?!

And so we are home...smelling a bit worse for the wear, needing to do some serious sleeping, but smiling from ear-to-ear. Ah, the joys of being 11, of the smell of a good campfire, and of Godly friends stepping in to make things work and of course, the s'more. Blessings, in deed.