Sunday, August 24, 2008

When winding roads are worth it...

The Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii -- yes, that narrow sliver of a path IS the road!

We've had one of those weeks. A week filled with unexpected twists. A week filled with the possibility of turns. A week filled with questions, uncertainties...and the knowledge that God above knows every detail of our days -- and our tomorrows.

And so, I needed to take time today to reflect on all the gifts God has given us -- and I love to do that through photographs (My camera is among my favorite worldly most of you know!)...I stumbled across these from our recent trip to Maui and thought they were definitely appropriate for my feelings today.

Wade and I took a winding, twisting, mainly-one-lane road to sight-see. I had heard it was a "must-do" for the beauty we would see...but my advisers far underestimated the amazing foliage, the breath-taking views, and the absolute terror of driving on that one-lane road with mountain rock on one side, and drop-off cliff on the other! Ah, but it was worth it. I can still smell the Ginger, the Eucalyptus, and the ocean all mingled with the wind -- and all it takes is one look at my photographs to bring those scents rushing to my senses. Ah, the pure joy.

And so it occurs to me, thus is life. We will wind. We will twist. And we will undoubtedly have some terror-filled moments -- but sticking to the path, the one God lays out before us, will lead to an experience beyond our wildest imaginings. Are you in for the ride?