Monday, August 18, 2008

Praise update

Week two of sixth grade has commenced. And I thought you would want to know that so far we are doing beautifully! I say we because frankly, I feel every bit as if I am right there with them. Perhaps that will lessen as we get more entrenched, but for now, I am pondering whether or not I get additional credit for completing sixth grade a second time? Hmmm..

As you may know from my pre-sixth grade post, I was anxious about Benjamin's aide and the fact that one had not been hired. And then they did hire one. And he never showed up for work. And then they called for a substitute and she never showed up either. And then they set up interviews and only ONE of the two applicants showed up. BUT God was at work all along (as if we doubted...) and when the district contacted a temp agency to send a second substitute this one DID show up and he is amazing! A father and husband, this is an enormous but gentle man who commands respect with his mere presence. As one student in the cafeteria was overheard whispering, "Well, he just has 'Don't mess with Benjamin!' written all over his chest!" (To which this Mommy was heard to say, "Thank you, Lord and AMEN!")

The teachers love him thus far and Benjamin felt comfortable enough today that my presence was not needed (of course that may affect my acquisition of more sixth grade credits!). A big huge step!! Please join me in praying that all the paperwork goes through for Mr. D to join the staff permanently.

Claire and Mason are doing well also -- making new friends, learning new routines and remembering how to do homework. All in all, we are hanging in there! (And Cate is enjoying some serious Mommy time and has quickly remembered that homework means she gets to go spend time with Uncle Len all by herself...and she puts forth her "wrapping the uncle tightly around her finger" skills with exuberance! ha)