Tuesday, July 8, 2008

More Camp Fun!

Claire on the slip-n-slide! Gotta love landing in the mud!
And what is more fun than water balloons?
I'm pretty sure Mason just threw a water balloon -- what else makes a boy smile so big?!

We are slowly getting our groove back after camp. We have only left the house to go to church over the weekend -- it may take a couple of more days for us to want to get out and about (of course, exhaustion is only part of that...the 110 degree days is the other part...and the sweet Baby Cate that doesn't want to be out of my sight, being the other part!) But we're still counting the blessings of our week...and enjoying our own showers! Cate is consumed with talking about camp now. She keeps asking me if I will go with her...of course, I said I will...but then I did the math. I will be um...um...47 when she is old enough for 3rd grade camp! I'm going to need a serious exercise program to get ready for that!! Ah, the blessings of children...


Mardi said...

Looks like you all are having a great summer!

Sorry I kind of dropped off and didn't respond back about the coffee date. School got a little crazy these last couple of weeks. I just finished my midterm yesterday. It sounds like you've been recooping anyway :)

Take care!