Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

My mind has been wandering aimlessly this morning! It was Field Day at school today. As a special needs Mom, this is my least favorite activity of the school year. We've had varied success in making the day work for the boys, but more often than not the day leaves them feeling left out and leaves me angry. So, today, Claire went to school as usual, and the boys played a little hooky. Thankfully, our school only had a "field morning" if you will, so they are at school now, without feeling rankled over silly games that require legs that run -- ooh, my blood pressure goes up just thinking about it!

So, I need a distraction -- and blogging is one of my favorite distractions! Besides I'm a little behind in sharing some fun stuff! Last week, Claire was given the Student of the Month award at school. It was a sweet morning and she was celebrated for exhibiting characteristics that made her Mommy quite proud!

We have spent the last two weeks re-doing the kids' rooms! Baby Cate has given up her baby bed and moved into a bunk bed with her sister! They have so much more space in their room now and it's too cute! (though the toddler is missing her baby bed...when she spied it hiding in the garage yesterday, she told me she "needed" it back! We'll see...)

The boys both served on Student Council this year! Last week they received their t-shirts commemorating the year! They were so excited as they had been allowed to pick nicknames to go on the back. I was tickled to see their choices as I think it gives a little glimpse into their personalities:

Mason chose -- Mas (just short for his name which he loves...pronounced Mace)...while Benjamin chose Wheels, which I think says "I'm OK with who I am"! (And is tickled that people are calling him that!)

So those are my ramblings of a Wednesday morning -- we have guys here working on the doors in our house (just settling issues being corrected) and every time they turn the power drill on Cate yells, "Run for your life"! I'm not sure why but it certainly has made me laugh out loud and forget the anger that was affecting me at the beginning of this blog! So the blessing I choose to count today -- that being a mommy brings so much more joy than heartache! So much joy!! And for that I am ever thankful!


GreenGirl said...

Love love love the blog! Your kids are amazing. Hang in there mom with the school activities. I still can't make it through my girls' dance without tears.. though I blame the pregnancy! Talk with you soon.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hello, my little eternal optimist friend! I LOVE this post and love you all dearly! Congratulations to Claire - Student of the Month is a very special award. Congratulations to Cate for finally getting her Big Girl Bed! And Congratulations to Mason and Benjamin for being on the Student Council and getting their new shirts! AND Congratulations to the ducks for finding a PRIMO pool within which to land! Oh, and congratulations to YOU, missy pants, for being Mom of the Universe!!! Much love to you!!!