Friday, April 18, 2008

Eleven Joy-filled Years!!

Today is Benjamin, Mason and Claire's 11th Birthday!! Eleven! Oh my! It seems like only yesterday that I was pacing the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit between three isolettes, praying, and holding, and praying some more! My trio weighed in at between 2 and 3 pounds each. They were so tiny, so sweet and Wade and I were so scared! The photo above wasn't taken on their actual birthday...but weeks later when they were strong enough to be bathed, dressed and played with a bit. I was so proud of this picture -- finally having all three together (and just to give you an idea of how small they were here...this is a baby swing they are sitting in!)!! That's Benjamin in the blue, Mason squished in the middle in yellow, and Claire in the pink, of course!

This morning, I told them we had to "re-create" the swings are big enough today, but we have one chair that almost holds all three! ha I mixed up the order...but remembered that Mason was squished in the middle!! I remember being in the NICU, kangarooing with one and then the others (that's where you button the tiniest babies up in your shirt so that they get skin to skin was a new thing back then but has been shown to help them grow!) and thinking, I am going to blink and they will be so big. I have to tell you that is exactly how I feel today...I blinked and all of a sudden they are 11. I am so proud of them -- of the light with which they shine, of the joy in which they live, and of the way they make the world a brighter, better place! Happy Birthday, you amazing kids!

Someone did not want to be left out this morning and promptly joined in the fun -- What a surprise gift this little two-year-old is everyday! She woke her siblings this morning singing "Happy Birthday to my big kids!" And she does claim ownership -- make no mistake!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Oh, Happy Birthday Benjamin, Mason and Claire!!! I remember well talks with your mom during that time, and visiting you all in Chicago some time afterward. How your mother's and father's eyes would glow with love with every glance at your sweet faces. I hope your birthday was as special as you are! Much love from your "Aunt" Debi!!!